Montreal has an extraordinarily eventful past, encompassing the Amerindian period, the city’s founding, the French Regime, British rule, immigration, industrialization and modernization. This story is presented to you in Montreal’s 15 history museums.

BP to 1500
  Amerindian presence attested as early as 2000 years BP
  Agriculture begins around 500 AD
1500 - 1600
1535: Arrival of Jacques Cartier, the first European explorer to reach Montréal
1600 - 1700
1642: Ville-Marie (Montréal) founded by Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve and Jeanne Mance
1658: Marguerite Bourgeoys opens the first school
1669: Fur trading post established at Lachine
1700 - 1800
1701: "Great Peace" signed between the Amerindians and French at Montréal
1760: Montréal falls to the British
1768: First Jewish synagogue built in Montréal
1800 - 1900
1817: Founding of Canada’s first bank, the Bank of Montréal
1821-25: Lachine Canal constructed
1824: Construction of fort on Île Ste-Hélène completed
1837-38: Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada
1860: Victoria Bridge inaugurated
1867: Canadian Confederation
1892: First electric trolley cars
to the
1909: Montréal Canadiens ice hockey club founded
1939: Montréal acquires its own flag
1940: First female city councillors
1946: First group of orphaned Jewish Holocaust survivors arrives in Montréal
1952: Television makes its debut
1960: Dorval Airport inaugurated
1966: Métro inaugurated
1967: Expo 67
1970: October Crisis
1976: Olympic Games in Montréal
2009: Bixi public bicycle sharing service launched