The Montreal History Museums celebrate Montreal's unique past. They emphasize the many influences of its history, its heritage and all the efforts made to preserve it. Genuine accounts, current topics and exciting discoveries ... Year after year, your 15 History Museums take on big and small stories from our past. In order to solidify your love affair with Montreal.

Last year, the relationship between the Montreal History Museums and the greater public was an immense success. Total attendance for History Museums reached a record number for both small and larger institutions. More than 1 140 000 visitors attended one of the fifteen History Museums. And many visitors revealed their curiosity for more specific topics and local themes that were in line with everyday lives. On the Montreal History Museum association’s Facebook page, we saw countless interactions and questions reflect the deep and emotional connection we have with past. We invite you to like our Facebook page and come talk to us about topics that interest you.
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History A la carte

Apps, podcasts or even access to the archive centers…Your museums allow you to learn about history in the moment.